Sunday, October 9, 2011


by Ken Phenix on Monday, June 28, 2010 at 11:24pm

McDonald v The City of Chicago was heard by The Supreme Court this morning. The case not only challenged Chicago's gun ban but also caused the 2nd Amendment to The Constitution of The United States to come under scrutiny. The high court upheld the right of all American citizens to bear arms. I cannot however, share in the excitement. Frankly this scares the begeezes out of me. This potential assault on the 2nd Amendment was thwarted by only one vote. FIVE TO FOUR! There are four Justices sitting on the Supreme Court, sworn to uphold The Constitution who would willfully and deliberately place in jeopardy one of our primary inalienable rights. Had this decision gone the other way many more municipalities would surely have been emboldened to pass similar legislation. THIS is contemporary liberalism and I want no part of it. I see this as a close call and hopefully a wake up call. I was already resigned to the inevitability of Elena Kagen's confirmation but no longer. What little we know about her, by design I'm afraid, includes her refusal to allow US military recruiters on the Harvard campus and that she believes free speech should have limits. We must not allow by any and all means legal and constitutional any of Barrack Obama's nominees to be confirmed. As demonstrated today, the repercussions of critical decisions rendered by these social ideologues could be felt for decades and our steadfast, not "living", not changing founding document would not survive intact.

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