Sunday, October 9, 2011

Is "The Donald" Obama's Trump Card?

(copied from facebook) June 5, 2011 at 10:58am

I never paid much attention or gave much credence to the "birther" issue other than noting the "kudos to Kagan" confirmation after she fended off all the suits as solicitor general. This is just too tidy though: Donald Trump comes on the scene making noise, demanding to see the document, spouting all the right rhetoric in all the right places from Fox News to The Vue. He sold out speaking engagements under the guise of entering the Republican Presidential primary. In a flash, a long form Hawaiian birth certificate is made public. Trump beats has chest for the press, withdraws his potential candidacy and returns to his glamorous life as a real estate tycoon slash reality tv star. Too tidy indeed. Obama himself couldn't have engineered a more perfect means to lay the issue to rest before his campaign for re-election begins. Oh wait. Could that be it? Of course not. However, if Trump was a true conservative, conservatism could be served by his wealth and influence in far better ways than by constraining himself to political office. It would be like George Soros running for President as a Democrat. Trump is neither conservative nor liberal. He's a ranking member of the opportunist party - a businessman and that's fine. But why help Obama perpetrate a ruse of this magnitude? Is there something of equal magnitude in it for him? I'm drawing no conclusions, only asking questions but it seems to make sense. This little observation of mine was brought to the fore again as I stumbled upon a radio interview of Jerome Corsi reminding me that there are so many more unanswered questions and gaps in Obama's past, school records, passports, Indonesian dual citizenship, adoption and so on. But Trump is satisfied so we can all go back to our mundane little lives until called upon by Obama on election day, right? Alright. No. Here's Trump having lunch with Sarah Palin. Here's Trump on Greta's show attempting to discredit the new Republicans and all the great progress they have made since last November. What? Republicans in self destruct mode? Palin doesn't know what she's doing? The Ryan budget plan is political suicide? "If the Republicans put up a stiff, I'll come back and run as an independent." says Trump as he breaks his promise not to do exactly that. Trump on the ticket as an independent would be the picture perfect plan to get Obama re-elected. No Donald, I'm not buying it. Anybody rember a businessman named Ross Perot?

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