Sunday, August 9, 2009

We didn't know if you were crazy or not but we didn't want to miss you if you were

I started this blog entry several days ago as I was reading parts of the house version of the health care bill with intent to expose chapter and verse just how blatantly it encroaches on our freedom and impinges on our privacy. So much is happening so fast, I've had to revise it a number of times. Public awareness and outcry is such that now I believe I can take a slightly different tack.

Thanks to the efforts and voices of millions of concerned Americans, ‘‘America’s Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009’’ as submitted by the house is being dismantled piece by piece. The infamous Section 1233 regarding end of life counseling among others has been exposed. This is excellent news but do not let your guard down just yet. Even if a watered down version makes it to Obama's desk, they can easily revise and add to it later. This freedom robbing control mongering tactic disguised as a health care bill has to be stopped cold.

This bill is incontrovertible proof of the intentions of this administration and this Democrat controlled house and senate when allowed to operate unfettered. Without this huge grassroots groundswell of opposition, this legislation would have been inflicted upon us before anyone had time to read it.

The good news is we have it in print now and each and every Republican and Independent candidate running for the house and senate in 2010 will quote form this bill to demonstrate his or her opponent's true nature. Of course we cannot assume the playing field is going to be level. Acorn and similar liberal activist organizations are still active digging up dead democrat voters and operating with billions or our tax dollars from the stimulus bill. And don't be surprised when the democrats try to push through an amnesty bill and give millions of illegal aliens a check and a voter registration card prior to the next election.

Keep up the good work America, there is still plenty to be done.

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